Custom Squarespace Website Design


Custom Squarespace Websites

custom Squarespace websites

Solving design challenges is what I love to do... and Squarespace - over and above all the other ways to build websites - is my favorite website design tool.

I will help you to get the look and feel that best defines your business, and bonus points, you will also learn how to edit your own website.

I'm Sue Wallis Williams, graphic designer.


Squarespace Training


Squarespace Training

Squarespace is an amazing business tool. I've enjoyed designing, building and training on the Squarespace platform for years.

It has been very common for me to hear potential clients tell me how frustrated they are learning new technology... BEFORE they start working with me, that is.  ;-)

I patiently - and gently - guide (those Squarespace website owners who WANT to learn how to edit their website) through how to get their website to do what they want it to do. Sessions start at $125 an hour, and include either screen save training videos or Skype online training.


Blog design


Blog Design


Blogging isn't the MOST important thing you need to do when planning your marketing strategy... but it is VERY important. Not only does blogging help you increase your SEO, anyone reading about your expertise online will see WHO you are and what your business is all about.

The design of your business blog will help define who you are, and it should have the same look and feel as your business website... even better (and easier for your visitors) if your blog is already built into your business website.

Sue designs custom blogs built on the Squarespace hosting platform. 


User Interface Design


User Interface Design

The finesse of UI (user interface) design guides your visitor to find what you want them to find on your website, easily and clearly.

Sue will work together with you to help you understand how your customers and clients respond to your website well before we start the designing process.


Annual Reports


Annual Reports

Kevin Brennan, Marketing Coordinator for CCBH, and Sue Williams collaborated on creating a calendar that promoted Cuyahoga County's Board of Health and doubled as their annual report for 2013. 





Cuyahoga County Opiate Task Force asked Sue Wallis Williams to design a 16 page brochure addressing the current epidemic of prescription drug abuse in Ohio and across the nation.

Allisyn Leppla, R.S., Injury Prevention Coordinator, Opiate Abuse wrote:

"Thank you for getting it done so quickly. I think it looks great! I am very excited and think this is a great tool to promote the Task Force. You have been such a pleasure to work with! I enjoy when my job is fun and you helped make this an enjoyable process. Thank you!!!"


Logo Design


Logo Design

You have a variety of options when it comes to creating a unique logo design for your business, and within your budget.

To learn more about how to get the best custom  solution for your business, tell me about your expectations for the most perfect logo!

See Sue's logo samples. 


One Sheet Marketing Flyer


One Sheet Marketing Flyers

Sue has been designing marketing "one sheet" flyers for decades. The process begins with interviewing the business owner to understand their market, what their business is, who will be receiving the flyer and what the business owner wants to achieve from creating the flyer.

Each flyer is uniquely customized to the individual business and the market.

Sue is often asked to create a logo for the flyer, or clean up an existing logo, in order for the flyer to have a cohesive and professional look and feel. 


Presentation folders


Presentation Folders

Sue Wallis Williams designed the logo and all graphic elements prior to creating the concept for a presentation folder 1 Global Alliance could use as a marketing sales piece, swapping out the inserts, as needed.