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    Cuyahoga County Board of Health

    Cuyahoga Board of Health

    CCBH honored me by unanimously selecting me to design a website the team could edit. Tim Gallagher, Project Manager wrote: "Thank you Sue! You were very easy to work with and I've already gotten a lot of compliments from colleagues who are actually very eager to get in and add their program content to the site."

    Recovery Networks

    Tom Dugan posted to my BBB report: "I worked with Sue after researching several design firms. For our original website, I used a marketing firm and it was soooo expensive and every time I wanted to make a change, it would cost me another $250 to get a minor change done. Sue made everything easy for us from the initial concept thru the final design and the delivery and training on how to best modify the site. She did more than I could have asked for and was very reasonable - in her pricing, but also in her efforts. She was very, very easy to work with."

    TCOR Services


    Chris Moxley wanted a website that had the basic feel of the printed marketing materials he uses for his Risk Services business. Using the color scheme and logo, I maintained his original branding and gave him a fresh web presence. He liked it so much we are now working on his wife's HR website, soon to appear on this page.

    Charles LeGrand, LLC Law Offices

    Charles LeGrand selected my services over 25 Squarespace developers who answered their "marketplace" ad. Charles provided a design and requested I follow it exactly. Some of the other developers advised this design couldn't be done, but with advanced custom CSS, I provided an exact replica of the requested design. 

    Moms On the Spot

    Joey Fortman has a hilarious blog for Moms. Her original site did not reflect her upbeat personality, so when I showed her my concept, she wrote: "OMY GOSH O MY GOSH!!!!! Sue!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited. You are amazing! I love it! ALL of it! It's totally PERFECT!  =)" (Joey's web site is temporarily disabled. We're working on an entirely new website concept.)

    Majestic Outdoor Lighting

    Majestic Outdoor Lighting

    Ryan, co-owner of Majestic Outdoor Lighting, located in Texas, needed a website he could edit, post new images, and generate new business. Majestic Outdoor Lighting found me through the SquareSpace website.
    Ryan wrote: "Sue, this looks great. It's so much better than our old website we had just last week."



    Amine needed an editable website for an upcoming expo. Although Amine is in Qatar, we worked with SKYPE, and email to produce a website to match his existing branding in time for his expo. Amine wrote: "Great job, Sue. Thanks for your quick turnaround." 

    Kim Maxwell, The Etiquette Lady

    Majestic Outdoor Lighting

    Kim Maxwell and I have been friends and have worked together for many years. Kim was the Executive Director at the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club - when I provided my pro bono design services over a decade ago - until recently when she went out on her own as The Etiquette Lady. Kim wrote: "Sue, this is PERFECT! I love the look! The website looks great! you made the process so easy!""

    In another email she wrote: "I got the brochure and presentation folders and they look GORGEOUS!!! Thank you! Some people that have seen my website have asked me to send them proposals! YEAH! The Montage in Laguna Beach is one of them!"

    Frat EMails

    I was sad when Garrett took down his funny blog website called Frat Emails. He wrote: "Sue, it is incredible!!! I love the design and the direction you took with the overall feel of the site. The statue throwing the envelope is HILARIOUS!

    National Benefit Services, Inc.

    National Benefit Services

    Jerry Kalish of National Benefit Services, Inc., located in Chicago, has been writing an incredibly informative blog for years. Jerry wanted his website to have a fresh, clean professional look for his retirement plan website. When I presented Jerry with the concept, he wrote: "Great job. Many creatives have the vision and passion, but not the street smarts."



    Dr. Ray Wheeler wrote on my Linkedin profile: "Sue is a pleasure to work with, she is responsive, she constantly learns and suggests new ways for our marketing objectives to be met more efficiently and always does what she says, when she says it will be done. I have no hesitation in recommending her and referring work to her."

    Casso Media

    Casso Media

    Linda Casso, President of Casso Media wrote on my Linkedin profile: "Sue superbly designed my first website. Some years later I needed a new site, and of course I hired Sue. Sue is full of creative ideas and "extras" that make sense. Her prices are more than competitive. I strongly recommend Sue."


    Optum Website

    Craig has hired me to build more than 20 websites since 2010. I "private label" Squarespace sites for his preschool and childcare web development business. I feel lucky that Craig writes me many glowing emails, including: "Wow!!! I love it. Thanks, Sue. It looks great. Thanks for all your help! :-)

    Bridges to Japan

    Jennifer writes: "Love what you've done with it!  :)  I think the watermark totally makes it. Good call on that one.  I also like the black pattern you chose for the background. How very Japanese of you!  Also think the inverse colors on the logo look sharp. Very pleased.  Well done!"


    Luis Lleonart wrote on my Linkedin profile: “You can’t go wrong with first impressions, and with Sue, my first impression was simply amazing from the first conversation, she always took the time to help me with any questions I threw at her. Sue is personable and she really knows her craft."

    Community Interface Services

    Community Interface Services

    Community Interface Services in-house designer provided me with his basic layout, stock photos and the logo.
    They wrote: "The director loves it! The site looks phenomenal! We'd like you to design our brochure, too." And I did! Shawn wrote: "Everyone loves the brochure. Nice work!"

    S-Team® Kids

    S-Team Kids

    Keith hired another firm to design this site, but after many delays, and other problems, Keith fired them and came to me. "Everything is absolutely magnificent.  It has the feel and the size and the balance we hoped for, and it's everything I ever wanted it to be.  Thank you so much."

    Simply Investing

    When the site was completed, Kanwal wrote: "Sue, thank you so much. It feels GREAT to have the site go live." And a follow up email: "Thank you so much, Sue!! I know I can always count on you!"

    John Knox Presbyterian Church

    John Knox Church

    John Knox Presbyterian Church, Seattle, Washington, found me online. They asked that I transfer an old website to Squarespace, so they could regularly edit it, as well as build the site using a Theme Forest template.
    Dana wrote: "Everyone just loves it! Thanks for all your help."

    CMM Construction

    CMM Construction

    CMM Construction is located in Dana Point. Their old website was not editable, and didn't have the professional quality that CMM provides. Cathe had written me many positive emails. She was (and continues to be) a joy to work with.
    Cathe wrote: "Sue, I LOVE how the site is looking. I can't wait to start sending out emails with links to the site."

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