mailchimp Services

  • Sign up for free*

  • The MailChimp website is simple to use

  • If you have under 2,000 subscribers, and you send under 12,000 email a month, it’s still FREE!

  • You don’t have to be a designer - or a web developer - in order to send professional looking email blasts

  • MailChimp’s customer support is very helpful and supportive

Wallis Williams Design is NOT an affiliate for MailChimp. I like it because it’s easy, free and it’s a terrific marketing tool for many of my clients. A MailChimp account is required before retaining me for any MailChimp related services.
— Sue Wallis Williams


Why Hire Wallis Williams Design, if it’s so easy?

  • You want to learn how to do it yourself, AND you want Sue to guide you

  • You want Sue to handle the marketing and broadcasting of your email campaigns

  • You want Sue to design the graphics and a template you can use multiple times

  • You want Sue to show you how to send an email broadcast campaign

  • You don’t have time to review MailChimp’s HELP pages


MailChimp Design and Tutorial Services

These optional services must be paid in advance, and after your MailChimp account has been opened.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be emailed available phone consultation times, typically within 2 - 3 business days.

MailChimp Services are separate services from Squarespace website design and development. MailChimp and Squarespace are separate businesses.