6 Month Objective

  • To have more consistently posted, diverse and organized events on the website calendar, pushed to Facebook
  • To have a weekly updated menu, including featured wines, pushed to Facebook
  • To track growth in order to determine whether to pursue expansion of the business and still continue to deliver high quality wines, beers, musical and art events, and the personalized service that distinguishes Puffers of Pismo from the competition

The Strategy

1. Create a Consistent Voice

  • In all social media, communicate the same friendly and charismatic personality that is Puffers of Pismo.
  • Always maintain a consistent color palette, logo, type fonts, etc. from business cards to website.
  • Use social media to allow the brand to be more than just a place to drink wine and listen to music.
  • Be an extension of the guest experience, solidifying brand loyalty to Puffers even from mobile devices.

2. Respond to Online Reviews

  • Consistently - every day - monitor the Yelp business page.
  • Respond to every single review, good or bad, with a personal response addressing whatever the reviewer has commented.

3. Share Customer Photos and Experiences

  • Encourage customers to use #puffersofpismo (with hashtag) in order to be featured on social media channels.
  • Enthusiastically acknowledge these posts thereby encouraging more customers to share their experiences.
  • When a customer shares a positive experience (especially with a photo on social media with #puffersofpismo), send them a coupon for a free appetizer. (This is free advertising.)

4. Profile Your Employees

  • Spotlight those who make your customer's experience at PoP exceptional.
  • Post "behind the scenes" laughs, and funny anecdotes to help your customers feel more connected.

5. Create a Dialogue

  • A strong social media strategy is much more than just telling your visitors who's playing next. You must also listen to them, and create a dialogue with your customers.
  • Offer short survey questions on Facebook and/or Twitter. For example, what's your favorite type of wine? (red, wine, rose, fill in the blank, etc.) Or "what style of music is your favorite? "  (classic rock, jazz, reggae, etc., etc.)

6. Contests

  • Most everyone loves trivia contests, caption contests, riddles and fill in the blanks... particularly when they have the potential to win something.
  • A great way to engage your visitors is to offer a coupon for something like a free glass of wine when someone wins the weekly (or monthly) social media contest.

7. More videos, please

  • In order to emphasize the personality and friendliness of Puffers of Pismo, encourage your visitors to use their mobile phones to record more video.

Most importantly, to achieve the objectives itemized above, your social media can (and should) be a direct line of communication with your existing and potential customers.


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