A Scientific Wild Ass Guess

A "Scientific Wild-Ass Guess" Concept

Just a few days ago, a potential new client asked me to give him a "SWAG" in lieu of a formal proposal. I had never heard that expression before. When he said it stood for a "Scientific Wild-Ass Guess", I LOL.

I liked the idea so much that I've put together this new blog so everyone can get an idea of what I need to think about when I'm putting together a proposal in order to estimate a website.

"How Much?"

...is what everyone wants to know.

A formal proposal can require hours of research before an accurate estimate can be provided.

Case in point: a noobie web designer asked me recently how much she should charge for a business that provided a service. Her potential client had requested an estimate to build their small business a new website. I gave some general tips, but I couldn't really help her out... because I spend hours on developing my formal proposals. Each client is unique... and so is each project.

BTW, I'm always open for learning new ways to do just about everything.