Stripe vs. Paypal on Squarespace

Stripe vs. Paypal

It was in 2004 that I first signed up for a Paypal merchant account. It was incredibly convenient for me to create a "buy now" button or use the virtual terminal for my clients to pay me for my services. As soon as my client paid me online, the funds were in my account, less the service charges.

Here's how Paypal charges

I recently started using the Commerce feature on Squarespace and I love it so much more than Paypal. For example, I'm having fun coming up with different designs for my buttons. Also, creating a payment link is far easier. With all costs considered, I'm coming out ahead using Squarespace's Commerce feature, and letting my Paypal merchant account go. I can still use Paypal to create buttons, but I don't need the merchant account since I can do all the same things, faster and better on Squarespace.

The down side of Stripe is it takes a few more days to get paid than the lovely immediately gratification of Paypal, but I can deal with that. I'm sticking with Stripe, for now. It works. It's efficient. It affordable. Nothing is really perfect all the time, but for this longtime freelancer, it serves me quite well.

Another reason to love Squarespace.

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