Brain Science Podcast

Dr. Campbell is super sharp and tech-savvy. Squarespace v6 had just launched when Ginger and I collaborated at redesigning her old v5 website on v6 and then upgraded to v7 when that launched. We successfully organized her many services onto her home page... including moving her very extensive blog. The assignment was to more efficiently organize the many services Brain Science Podcast (one of the highest ranked medical podcasts on iTunes) offers it's podcast subscribers.

"The buttons look cool. I love the overall look and feel."

Dr. Virginia Campbell

Cuyahoga County Board of Health

"We were in need of an updated website that would serve both our clients and our staff. After determining that Squarespace was the platform which suited our needs, we contracted with Wallis-Williams Design based on a cost-effective quote and Sue’s wealth of knowledge and skill. Beginning on day one and lasting through today, our agency’s experience with Wallis Williams Design has been outstanding. The services that Sue has provided for us and continues to provide include: site design and maintenance, on-demand troubleshooting, logo design, branding support, social media training, annual report design and more.  

In serving as our internal point of contact, I truly appreciate Sue’s ability to listen, collaborate and produce results in a timely manner. If you want an improved web environment for your company and you want it done right the first time, contact Sue Wallis-Williams. 

We are glad that we did."

Kevin Brennan
Communications Officer
Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Sue Wallis WilliamsComment

James came to me through a referral and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to build this hilarious website. Skymaul is a parody of the SkyMall magazines found on airplanes. I laughed through the entire design process. James wrote:

"I love the first site option! This is gonna be great. Your videos are awesome and I'm bookmarking them as you suggested."

p.s. James is a member of Kasper Hauser, a San Francisco-based comedy group. They perform and produce live shows, digital content, and books. The group’s work has been produced by the BBC, HBO digital and “This American Life.”

James Reichmuth

George Walther
George Walther

“Website designer par excellence! I rarely rave about vendors, but I can’t say enough good things about Sue Wallis Williams.

Sue created my design, is very careful with details, has a terrific aesthetic sense, and communicates superbly. Her fee was more than fair, and she over-delivered on her commitments. 

There were times when I took issue with her suggestions. Each and every time, she gracefully agreed to “do it my way,” and also provided her rationale for her recommendations and backed it up with research. And in every case, she was right and I ended up just trusting that her way was the best way. 

If you want a Web designer who’s competent, communicates superbly, and is a true delight, contact Sue.” 

George Walther

Theresa Thomas Etiquette

"With the first company I hired, I received minimal feedback and communication, delayed action and deadlines. The day before the extended deadline they dropped my account saying they did 'not have the bandwidth' to finish the project but kept retainer money because they felt they deserved it for the time spent. I lost valuable time, money and business and was left with no useable content and had to start over from the beginning.

I am so pleased to have experienced and now recommend the professional, creative, warm and talented attributes of Sue Wallis Williams.

Developing a website is an extremely collaborative effort and Sue was incredibly responsive to all of my suggestions and questions...and I had many.

My thoughts and ideas were graciously and skillfully deciphered and enhanced resulting in a product that clearly represents who I am and my passion for my profession. She is much more than a website designer. She knows the role a well-designed web site plays in an overall communications and marketing strategy and understands marketing on a deeper level then I expected.

Technology is not my forte, but it is hers. I needed quite a bit of guidance and clarification along the way. She was always patient. Initially, the thought of editing my website was overwhelming and I was not confident I could do it, however with Sue's guidance, teaching tools and encouragement, I have succeeded.

Busy professionals do not have the time or inclination to search a website for the information they desire. I wanted my website to be professional, friendly, succinct and easy to navigate.

Sue understands that the key element in effective design is engaging your target audience in a manner that is relevant to them and successfully implemented this concept into my website. My requests and communications were always addressed in a timely manner and with consistent quality. Her organization and communications skills enabled us to meet a tight deadline. She provided the necessary guidance and creative input so that the finished product is something I am proud of. Her services were timely and professional."

Theresa Thomas Etiquette

Laura Ryner Wahnon

Alyn Rose Designs

"Sue, everything looks so beautiful! Thanks so much. I love the website and the logo and the catalog. I love it... all of it!"

Laura Ryner Wahnon, Owner
Alyn Rose Designs

Update: Laura was acquired by a top fashion design house in New York. 

Esteem Dream Network

"Everything is absolutely magnificent. It has the feel and the size and the balance we hoped for, and it's everything I ever wanted it to be.  Thank you so much."

Keith O'Neill
Esteem Dream Network

Leadership Praxis

"Sue is a pleasure to work with, she is responsive, she constantly learns and suggests new ways for our marketing objectives to be met more efficiently and always does what she says, when she says it will be done. I have no hesitation in recommending her and referring work to her."

Dr. Ray Wheeler
Leadership Praxis

Moms on the Spot

"OMY GOSH O MY GOSH!!!!! Sue!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo excited. You are amazing! I love it! ALL of it! It's totally PERFECT!  =)" 

Joey Fortman

Update: Joey is focusing on her new family at this time. Moms on the Spot is temporarily disabled.

Bridges to Japan

"Love what you've done with it!  :)  I think the watermark totally makes it. Good call on that one.  I also like the black pattern you chose for the background. How very Japanese of you!  Also think the inverse colors on the logo look sharp. Very pleased.  Well done!"

Jennifer Jakubowski
Bridges to Japan

Update 7/2015. Bridges to Japan is under-going a reconstruction.