Theresa Thomas Etiquette


"With the first company I hired, I received minimal feedback and communication, delayed action and deadlines. The day before the extended deadline they dropped my account saying they did 'not have the bandwidth' to finish the project but kept retainer money because they felt they deserved it for the time spent. I lost valuable time, money and business and was left with no useable content and had to start over from the beginning.

I am so pleased to have experienced and now recommend the professional, creative, warm and talented attributes of Sue Wallis Williams.

Developing a website is an extremely collaborative effort and Sue was incredibly responsive to all of my suggestions and questions...and I had many.

My thoughts and ideas were graciously and skillfully deciphered and enhanced resulting in a product that clearly represents who I am and my passion for my profession. She is much more than a website designer. She knows the role a well-designed web site plays in an overall communications and marketing strategy and understands marketing on a deeper level then I expected.

Technology is not my forte, but it is hers. I needed quite a bit of guidance and clarification along the way. She was always patient. Initially, the thought of editing my website was overwhelming and I was not confident I could do it, however with Sue's guidance, teaching tools and encouragement, I have succeeded.

Busy professionals do not have the time or inclination to search a website for the information they desire. I wanted my website to be professional, friendly, succinct and easy to navigate.

Sue understands that the key element in effective design is engaging your target audience in a manner that is relevant to them and successfully implemented this concept into my website. My requests and communications were always addressed in a timely manner and with consistent quality. Her organization and communications skills enabled us to meet a tight deadline. She provided the necessary guidance and creative input so that the finished product is something I am proud of. Her services were timely and professional."

Theresa Thomas Etiquette