Camp Horseshoe

After our wedding on 6/22/47, we were still attending school. Me, at University of Illinois, Navy Pier and Mom, at the Art Institute. One day, I was looking at the bulletin board outside of the main office. There was a card listing a job for a couple at a boys camp in Wisconsin. The job included room and board, plus $10/day. The job listed Horse back Riding, Tennis, Sailing, Swimming, etc.

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Rocket Man

I was looking through my books and I spotted a book by Max Shulman that was a take-off of Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Toll".

I came home from work and went into the basement to take a shower and your uncle bobby was working at the tool bench taking apart firecrackers and putting the power into a cardboard tube. About 30" long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

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The Graf Zeppelin

I remember one time when Uncle Wally, Tommy and I went to a high smoke stack on 95th street. We thought we could climb it on the inside about 110 ft. high… but the rungs were too loose and kept pulling out (because the inside was so old).

BUT!! while we were standing at the base we heard a loud engine. What we saw was breathtaking.

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