The Night I Met Rita Hayworth and Glenn Miller

In 1945, my class and I went to the Coliseum in Chicago to see Glenn Miller and His band.

On stage was also Orson Wells, and His wife Rita Hayworth.

Orson Wells asked if anyone had a white silk handkerchief. As it happened I had a beautiful silk handkerchief that I gotten from a friend of Uncle Wally.

So I went on the stage an showed the handkerchief to Wells.

“Perfect!” He said and he started to cut it in pieces with a pair of scissors. I said “STOP” that handkerchief belonged to a friend that died in a military plane crash in Europe.

Too late, it was cut into pieces. I wanted to smack him. Don't worry!! After a couple of ab-ra--ca-dab-ra "s he opened his hand and flapped out the whole handkerchief.

No idea how he did it, but there it was. He then introduced me to Rita Hayworth and Glenn Miller.

What a joy!!!!