Hot Summer Day On The Farm

Here's a funny one, Pow.

I was about 12 or 13. At Grandmother Patton's. Uncle Tommy, Jerry Nollie and I decided to go looking for a job. (it was summer). So we took Jerry's Fathers boat. (Jerry's Father was a coach for the Chicago Bears).

The three of us started down the Rock River.

The river flowed through Lake Koshkonong and in Jerry's boat we went. The boat had a motor on it.

The first farm we stopped at was the Cooper Farm. There were farms all along the river on both sides.

Farmer Cooper was growing strawberries at the time and he gave us each a bucket and said he would pay 10cents a pound. After picking about an hour, we had only about 1/4Lb each.

After all we had to sample as we picked.

It was about 90 degrees, and we had enough of that. So we dropped our buckets and got back into the boat.

We didn't say anything to Farmer Cooper. Too hot to work so we went to Newville. (Little town on the river. About 5 families). There were several piers there so we tied up and swam the rest of the day.

There was a little hamburger shack that we took advantage of. There were some kids that we knew and we all had a great time diving off the bridge. Before we knew it, it was getting dark and we thought it was time to go home. By the time we reached our pier, it was black out.

The pier was packed with people with lanterns and flashlights!

Loud-mouth Jerry yells, "Where's the party?" Mr. Nollie yelled back, "I'll show you where the party is". Everyone had been looking up and down the lakeshore for us.

Mr. Nollie grabbed Jerry and started whacking his butt all the way up the stairs.

(Do you remember that long flight of stairs from the lake up to the road?).

Grandmother Patton gave Tommy and me a big hug. When we got back to the cottage, Grandma made us Hot Chocolate and read us the Sunday Funnies.

She was such a wonderful Person.

How's that??