I like my eggs upside down

During my summer vacation from school in 1945, (during the height of World War 2, ), Joe Cyborski, (Ray's brother), and I joined the Merchant Marines and sailed on the John S. Mc Lean, (an ore boat). We went through the Sault Marie locks twice.

We thought we would have a girl in every port.

But we had to really work when we got to port. So after the second time Joe and I left the ship in Buffalo N.Y. and hitched home.

One other funny thing,-The first morning on ship, the chef, (a big black guy about 6'3"), asked how I would like my eggs,(Grandma Patton always asked if I wanted my eggs,"Up side down" --(sunny side.)

He looked funny and asked the other cooks what the hell was,"upside down".

After a huge laugh, they figured it out!