Mario Tonelli Did Me a Big Favor


The story I am going to tell you is a long one.

Back in 1979, I was building in Hickory Hills and also doing home repairs.

I got a call from Bill Conrad, (a representative of one of Chicago's alderman, but I don't remember who). He wanted me to build a fireplace in one of Chicago's Alderman's girlfriend’s apartment. I did it and when I needed a favor, (a building permit for a store I was to build on the SW Highway and 95th St.), the problem was I needed a Liquor license, and it was too close to the Oak Lawn High School.

Here's where I called in the favor. Bill made an appointment for me with Mario Tonelli, (a Cook County Commissioner), and I got the permit.

(By all means, read about Mario Tonelli.)

Mario's desk was as big as my bedroom. Also, he was so friendly.

Mom was doing portraits at a Skokie mall and I was standing behind her when Mario came by. He stopped and said,

"Bill what are you doing here?

We exchanged conversation for a while before he had to go.

I had only met him twice and he remembered me as if I were and old friend. What a wonderful person.