The Graf Zeppelin

I remember one time when Uncle Wally, Tommy and I went to a high smoke stack on 95th street. We thought we could climb it on the inside about 110 ft. high… but the rungs were too loose and kept pulling out (because the inside was so old).

BUT!! while we were standing at the base we heard a loud engine. What we saw was breathtaking.

In the sky was a large Zeppelin (about 4 football fields long). Actually 776 ft. long. It was the Graf Zeppelin visiting the U.S. for the Chicago Worlds Fair (1933-34.)

It was flying at about 300 feet high and the people on the Zeppelin were waving at us. Just a few years later, the Hindenburg crashed on May 6th, 1937.

Germany stopped sending Zeppelins to the United States after that.