How to avoid an S.O.S. to your web developer

Last week, one of my favorite clients emailed me with a urgent distress call! Their website went funky during an edit session.

While we were developing their website months ago, I had recorded a selection of "how to" videos on this topic. They had been successful with other edits, so they were feeling confident.

I asked them what the last thing they were doing before the page turned funky. (The entire page now looked completely wonky.)

After a little investigative work, I found it was a very simple, accidental deletion of important code. Whew! So easy to do.

This is not the first time I've received a distress call with this type of emergency. I've done it myself. It happens so easily... your stomach flips upside down. It's a horrible feeling.

So now I'm on the bandwagon for all my clients! Listen! Grab the HTML code in the text editor and either drop it into Notepad, Text Editor or copy and paste it into a duplicate, hidden page on your website.

It will save your day. And that goes for your custom CSS, too. Always save a backup. Personally, I like to keep at least one or two backup templates of the same code... work on just one of them, and regularly copy and paste anything new I've added.

Heed my warning! If somebody has to fix it for you, it's going to cost you.