Practicing and preaching

I need to come clean. I've started countless blogs. Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace. I think the first blog I started was so far in the past, they hadn't even figured out what to call it yet. Web logs, as I recall.

But I've only ever posted a few random thoughts, using the media as something like a rant on a topic of the moment.

I've been noticing lately most every client asks me how to get better SEO. So I always include having a blog in my list of things that are working today. (Observe today's date versus date of this blog... blog effectiveness could change next week, but it's still working nicely as of today.)

I've been using other people's blogs to educate myself on quite a few topics lately. And since I spend hours writing to my clients individually on a variety of web related topics, it's high time I shared the things that I know work with Squarespace websites, and more.

Since I've been so busy with client projects and holiday hoopla the past few months, I haven't had a chance to work on my website... and I've noticed a difference in my ranking as a result of my lack of effort posting new content.

For most of last year, I'd been on Google's first page, right at the top of the page... purely "organically". As a small business, I can tell you it's exhilarating to see your website first for your particular service.

But it takes work to get there. You can always hire someone to "work" the social media for you. And anyone can do it. Just be prepared to get very busy once you start using social media.