Beware of the MX Records

I love launching a new website. Even though it's usually so anticlimactic after weeks of working on a trial Squarespace account, when we move over the URL, and everything is working sweet, it makes everyone happy.

Before I go into change any code or settings, and before the Cname is changed, I always ask a series of questions. One of the questions is "where is your email hosted?" The reason I ask this is because email is separate from your website hosting at Squarespace.

I also recommend moving a URL during off hours... like on a weekend, holiday or late at night. That's because stuff happens. And no one will be happy if their website is down, or their email.

How fun it was to launch the Cuyahoga County Board of Health's website last weekend. I'd been working on that website for months, training the staff to keep the content fresh, recording training videos, and learning about bed bugs and west nile virus and other creepy things. :-)

Not to mention, getting to work with an awesome, dedicated, and great group of professionals. I really loved this project... and that they had selected me!! unanimously from all the other Squarespace developers that applied for the project. How cool was that?

Well, this blog post is about MX records, and how scary they can be. So, as usual, I have digressed. Back to MX Records.

The staff I was working with went the extra mile and worked on their weekend. We moved the site over within moments. It was easy peasy. Everything seemed to be working great!

But, as luck would have it, the MX records we thought were current, were not. So their email was down for about 2 hours. The place that hosted their email eventually answered our distress call, and set us up with the more current records and order was restored.

A happy ending to what could have been potentially disastrous. So, a word to the wise, double check those MX Records IF your email has the same URL as your website.


(p.s. if you don't know what an MX Record is, don't worry about it. As long as you know who you pay for your email hosting, the email hosting place is going to handle your MX Records.)