Why I have that big ol' picture of myself

... on the home page of this website.

What I intended to communicate by displaying my mug is what's different about my service... it's me!

There are many talented web designers out there. (Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal... as web developers, we all have our favorites, and p.s., if you haven't noticed, the lines have been drawn. I'm clearly inside the Squarespace chalklines.)

Anyway, I love looking at everyone's work, from all mediums. After all, HTML is HTML. And it's so inspiring to see how other web designer's define themselves. So much talent out there. It's just awesome. Fun. Fun. Keeps one on their toes.

And... for as many talented designer's are available for hire, I'm guessing that there are that many different business management styles.

I have discovered - along my own personal business road - that I usually got hired because my client trusted me. That's usually the case for buying anything, right?

In any case, I learned that considering myself as part of my client's marketing team makes a difference in that trust level. When my client knows I'm completely on their team, the process goes really smoothly. That's because my goal is getting one of those cool glowing testimonials so I can post it.

The thing is, thinking of myself as part of the team comes naturally to me after so many years in the agency "trenches". As a former ad agency art director, collaborating came with the territory. It's always about the team.

I also learned that client wishes need to come first, but there is also an art to helping guide a creative project. Speaking as someone who used to manage other artists, getting a less experienced designer to understand the synergy of creative and common sense marketing often felt like herding cats.

I'm just sayin'... meow.