First page on Google

Oh wow! I can't believe it! I just discovered that a page on my site I thought I had hidden months ago - Squarespace Training - has a first place ranking on Google today. How about them apples? That's page one, position one, baby! Whoo hooo!


Coincidentally, just yesterday, I started to "concept" a new landing page for my newest service: Custom PDF Training Manuals for Squarespace clients.  I anticipate having that live this week... so for anyone reading my rambling thoughts, please check it out and let me know what you think.

The idea came from my client, Cuyahoga County Board of Health. There are 14 web techs editing and maintaining the website I built for them. I had already provided a few webinars, and a FAQ page, but when the social media coordinator asked if I would provide editing directions in a written, step-by-step format, I took it a step further and added screen saves of each step.

The concept was so successful, CCBH has requested training manuals for the other complex (and not so complex) areas of their website. I'm positively thrilled about this because so many of my clients haven't touched their website in months... and in a few cases, years! 

With a customized training manual, it's so much easier to keep your website fresh, and looking like it did "out of the box". (Hey, Squarespace designers who have clients who edit their own websites... you know what I mean!)