Small Business Marketing Primer

Last week, a past client, who owns a small service business in Orange County, gave me call. I built her website about 6 years ago.

She called because she wanted to change the phone number on her brochure-style website. When I suggested that we could get her website much higher rankings with a Squarespace website, she told me all her clients are referrals and she doesn't get any business from her website.

Errrr, that was not a surprise. If anyone were hitting her website, it would be from clicking on a link from my portfolio page.

Her website is (by today's standards) ancient, and with a Flash animation featured on the home page, I can't imagine how anyone would even be able to find her online.

Besides that, counting on referrals is just not good business. Of course, I wasn't about to tell her that. I've certainly learned that offering unsolicited advice is worthless to the recipient.

I know she's struggling, but she doesn't have to wait for somebody to refer her! With all the free tools she could be using, spending maybe 15 minutes - tops! - a week, and with an editable website, she could be advertising to a much wider market... that is, if she wasn't so convinced that waiting for a referral was the only way to get business.