Getting lots of traffic

A few weeks ago, I noticed I was getting quite a bit of traffic to my website.

(If you have a Squarespace site, it's very easy to check your site statistics in the Website Management > Statistics.)

As any obsessive designer would do, I decided to tear apart my site and rebuild it. Of course, if a client had asked me to do the same thing, I would begin by exploring their market, understanding their brand, presenting a static PDF design for approval, building a test site remotely, ya da ya da, before I even touched one dot of code.

I started by messing with this blog page... I wanted to test a gradient CSS background that also works on IE7. (As a web developer, I'm not sure sure why anyone still uses IE7, but let us all acknowledge that some folks never upgrade anything. I believe in being tolerant of all.)

And that's how it all began.

Before I could stop myself, I had pulled my home page down. (Arrgh, hopefully, that's what I'll be working on today, and if I can squeeze in a few more hours, I'd also love to get my testimonials page back up.)

People are visiting!! And my web house still hasn't received the new coat of paint!

Yes, I am obsessed to get my new design uploaded... and show it off. And I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I'm just hoping anyone visiting will also read this blog post. 

Falling under the category of "do what I say, not what I do", I always recommend that a "excuse our dust" notice is posted and hide the pages we're developing. 

If you're looking around my site this week, please put on your hard hat!