National Geographic's Second Choice

It was soooo exciting when the (that is... THE!) National Geographic Society contacted me to work on their Squarespace website. Wow, what an amazing honor. I was thrilled.. and I really enjoy bragging about it.

Well, I had 2 phone interviews over the past month. Everyone I spoke to was so pleasant, I was excited for this project. The second interview was with their creative team. They described the team I'd be working with as "exacting" and "persnickety" and "demanding".

One of the services I pride myself on offering is being readily available to my clients. I am very comfortable working with people who call themselves "exacting, persnickety and demanding" because I know they want the best... and they want it when they want it.

The thing is, two of my most recent clients had hired other Squarespace developers and paid them a retainer... and got absolutely nothing after weeks of waiting and promises. Over the past 15 plus years working in corporate communications, I've learned how to carefully budget my time.

Well, anyway, back to the point of this blog post: I was really impressed that the National Geographic Society called me to tell me I was their second choice, and if it didn't work out with their "first choice", they will be calling me back.

I hadn't even provided a proposal. They had the nicest things to say about my work. The NGS is a class act, to be sure.

The happy news is that I am so relieved - yet honored - to have been considered by such an impressive company... because now I have this awesome story I can tell.

All good. Happy, happy.