Hoppy New Years!

Fun with a Trampoline and iMovie

When my daughter invited me to spend the holidays with her husband and my 2 grandsons, I jumped (literally). I love visiting my kids, even though it's a 5 hour drive from Morro Bay to Menifee, I always have fun here.

I especially love jumping on the trampoline with Jonny and Kenny. It's a great workout and lots of laughs.

Since I totally missed the boat to send out holiday cards, I "hired" my 8 year old grandson, Jonny, to shoot me jumping on the trampoline with my tablet. I downloaded the "movie" to my iMovie app on my Mac... where the movie evolved into a Facebook holiday greeting.

First, I uploaded the movie to Youtube (on my "test" channel, alias GingerWasabi8) and posted in on my Facebook page. Then I imported the .mov into Photoshop and deleted all but a handful of frames and saved as a gif image.

Finally, I used MailChimp to blast it out to my friends and clients.

From the amount of positive responses, and having a 82% open rate (yippeee!) and how much fun I had with the whole process, I'll be doing this again really soon!