Adventures in Social Media

My (very social) daughter - and her entire extended family and friends - use Facebook. She chides me often for avoiding posting to Facebook. Fact is, I've had a Facebook account long before her friends or family had even heard of it. They now all embrace it. I am (practically) repelled by it.

The mistake I made was combining my business with my personal profile years ago. (Of course, back then, that was the only option.)

Now, on the rare occasion I log in, not only do I see myself on family vacations, with personal notes on my wall, but my client's get to see me floating down the river, too. (merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream...)

Clearly, this is a big topic these days. Since I'm not the only business owner who freaks at this concept, FB has added a business profile option relatively recently. And yes, polishing up my business profile has been on my To Do list, since FB doesn't seem to be going away, as I originally predicted. (I was right about MySpace being a flavor of the month.)

Work is work. Personal life is personal life. Some people like to combine the two. I'm not one of them. I choose to maintain a strictly professional web development business, with a deep affection for my business clients.

Even more disconcerting, many of my online resources invite me to use my Facebook account to log into their sites. Like yesterday, when I decided to add some new content to my (long overlooked) MerchantCircle page. MerchantCircle had undergone a major overhaul since last time I visited. New logo, new interface, and you guessed it, I get to sign in with my FB account. 

In any case, I'm sharing my adventures in social media marketing because - in spite of the time investment - it's mostly free, and if it helps people find me, then hurray! That's what it's all about.