Casso Media's new social media provider

I'm so stoked!

For months - and even years - I've been sending endless emails telling my clients how they can manage their own social media, and get to the top page of Google. It just takes work.

But so few folks even take the time to edit their websites. (Of course, there are exceptions! Ashley, of Recovery Networks, for instance, rocks the social media for the website I built for them last month.)

Well, when Linda Casso contacted me yesterday to make some edits to her Campaign Monitor email template, we got to talking about social media. Months ago, she had found a "social media expert" online. This gal took weeks to answer emails, and her strategy was so boilerplate, it could have been a social media marketing plan for any generic business. And she had to pay a hefty fee to get this "strategy" in the first place!

Clearly, the "expert" hadn't taken the time to research Linda's agency, Casso Media! 

So, today Linda contracted with me for a 6 month social media whirlwind. Since I know Linda's business from designing several of her websites, and I know WHO Linda is as a person and a business owner, I'm excited about promoting her through social media. 

Social media marketing is about showing the world WHO you are... and developing trust. People want to work with people they trust. At least, in my world, that's true. 

As part of my strategy, Linda and I are working on adding a new resource to her website: a library of information on the topic of buying radio and television spots. We'll be promoting her service on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Merchant Circle, and monthly HTML email marketing.

If your business is interested in advertising on radio, get on Linda's email list to learn more.