Do Whatever You Want

A prospective client asked me yesterday if I would be able to build a Squarespace website that matched his very sophisticated design. His carefully drawn website had all kinds of tricky animations, sliders, and other web goodies.

Well, of course I can build this custom website... because very few of my clients have ever said to me: "do whatever you want."

In fact, even those clients who hire me to create a custom look always request certain customizations appropriate to their business. Maybe it's just a slider, or a custom navigation bar, but it's always something that requires code to be written specific for the design.

A custom website is (quite simply) going to require custom work. So, I told my fellow business owner that he could certainly have all the features he wanted, but I offered him a tip on how to save on any developer's fees.

I recommended that he visit CodeCanyon or ThemeForest (see my resources blog to learn more), because it saves gobs to time to purchase code that has already been tested on different browsers... instead of reinventing the wheel and causing web developer nightmares.