I wish I knew EVERYTHING web related!

A friend of mine emailed me this morning and asked me to help her with her email signature. I use Mac Mail. She's on Windows something or other. She wasn't sure. (p.s. my friend will be the first to tell you the degree of her computer-phobia is nothing less than extreme.)

Well, I know adding an email signature is very simple. That is, as soon as you find where - within your specific email client - you can make this adjustment. And every email client developer puts that signature preference option somewhere different.

My first impulse - when I can't figure out how to do something - something that I know I can do - is to Google for it. Guaranteed somebody out there will show you how, and 99% of the time, it's a free tutorial.

I was happy when my GF wrote me back about 30 minutes later. Not only did she figure out how to make the change, she felt really good about it after she figured it out. I was very proud of her because over the years, she's been resistant to editing her VERY EASY TO EDIT website with even a simple blog post.

For me, the beauty of learning new things is feeling GOOD when "it" works... especially when I have to work to learn "it". 

Every day - and I mean EVERY DAY - I'm learning something new that's web-related. Hey, but I'm very proud of my accomplishments and the sheer massive amount of graphic-related stuff I know... that's in spite of my scary transition years...

My transition years: The Drawing Board to MacPlus Era. The Quark to InDesign Era.  The Print to Web Design Era. The HTML4 to CMS Era. And, I guess I'm now in the CMS to HTML5 Era... even though I hear the ground thumping some years ago, we're here now... and I have to learn it.. and like it.

So most days I feel like Sisyphus, but when I figure it out and get it to work, well, that feels really good.

I like to feel good. I like to learn.