It looks sooooo easy

These days, seems like most everyone thinks they can build a website. And yep, they're right! It could not be easier to build yourself a website. All the tools, templates, resources are right at your fingertips.

And guess what? After all those hours you put into constructing your masterpiece, your web presence, 9 times out of 10, it's going to LOOK like you did it yourself.

It's positively tragic and sometimes even comical, when I visit a random website and think: "oh yeah, this guy (or gal) wanted to save some money and do it themselves." I'm not usually thinking: "wow, what a great product or service"... or "oh well, they tried".

Sometimes I even feel sorry for them. I usually can't tell if they have a good product or service. All I can see is a sad attempt at building a website that doesn't work.

Someone I know - and who will remain nameless because I like him - and who has a service business in a market that spends big bucks... is advertising that he (not only) built this website himself, but he didn't bother taking off the fact that his website uses one of the most widely used (free) Wordpress templates. Yipes. He might as well replace the built in tagline and put a new one that says: "I don't bother with details."