What are you writing about?

One of the challenges - that many of us face when confronted with social media - and staying current - is knowing what to write about.

Those of us in advertising are inclined to write ad copy. I know I've made this mistake, and sometimes I can't even help myself. That good ol' fashioned ad copy sometimes just flows right out of my fingers, and I know how cheesey it sounds even as I'm writing it. 

Now that I'm helping with Casso Media's social media, I know my job is to show off Linda's personality. Linda's clients hire her BECAUSE of her skills and her sparkly personality... and communicating the essence of this seasoned pro is the intention of my direction for Linda's social media campaign.

By the way, I have to take this opportunity to brag that Casso Media is on page 1 of Google for Christian radio advertising... which is her target market. We moved her site to the number one position following the SEO recommendations, and using the nice clean code from Squarespace.

Just last week, Linda emailed me that she had 2 new inquiries which were directly from Google searches. We really love that! In any case, as I have been developing Linda's social media strategy, I decided it was time to try out Basecamp as a place we can keep track of the progress for her leads. Her current Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin accounts will soon be demontrating that Linda truly is an expert in radio advertising.

Source: hallme.com via Jennifer on Pinterest